Copper acetate

Product Chemical Fertilizer

Number 73323
Weight kg 10
Duration of use 2years after production
Price 0 Rial
Copper and acetate

Technical Descriptions

Copper acetate is a chemical compound with even dark blue crystals and a chemical formula Cu (CH3CO2)2 Hydrated copper acetate has 2 crystalline water and is usually sold and sold as such. Copper crystalline copper acetate has crystalline dark green crystals, while hydrated copper acetate is a bright blue-greenish color

Instructions for use

More Information

Copper acetate is commonly used as fungicide or as a green pigment. Copper acetate is also used as a reagent or catalyst for the synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds (inorganic). Copper acetate, like all other copper compounds, emits a light blue light flame

Guaranteed Parsing

Cu 22%

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