Full fertilizer 20-20-20

Product Chemical Fertilizer

Number 73323
Weight 10 kg
Duration of use 2years after production
Price 0 Rial
Potassium nitrogen-phosphorus

Technical Descriptions

Full fertilizer 20-20-20 is suitable for horticultural and crop products and is used in plant growth stages. This fertilizer has the main nutritional elements of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. It also contains the micronutrients of iron, zinc, copper, manganese, Boron, etc. Given the fact that this chlorine-free fertilizer is unlikely to occur, there is no possibility of poisoning in the plant and chlorine leaves and is also very suitable for saline soils. There are 3 forms of urea (10%), nitrate (6%) and ammonium (4%) in this nitrogen fertilizer. Therefore, at an appropriate time after fertilization, the element is absorbed by the plant and the absorption efficiency increases. Providing phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen absorbable by this product ensures complete nutrition of the plant and increases plant growth and fertility and prevents nutritional deficiencies or food nutrition imbalances.

Instructions for use

In crops of 4 to 7 kg ha-1 at the time of dipping, and once a month with irrigation water-for spraying 2-3 kg / ha 2 times during the growing season In fruit trees in the amount of 5 to 8 kg / ha at the time of forming fruit with irrigation water - for spraying 3,000 per 3 times during the growing season In the range of 4 to 7 kg in the 4-6 leaf stage and every 3 weeks once with irrigation water - for 3 kg ha-3 spraying during the growing season This fertilizer is also recommended in ornamental plants of 4 to 6 kg / ha every two weeks with irrigation water and also in the amount of 2 per thousand 4 times during the growing season

More Information

Advantages: P is the most important factor in the correct process of photosynthesis for the plant. Phosphorus also helps to increase rooting and bloom growth. Potassium in ornamental plants to flower and in fruit trees greatly enhances fruit juice. Contributing to photosynthesis and improving product quality, increasing seed and fruit, faster growth of leaf foliage is the benefits of using nitrogen.

Guaranteed Parsing

N 20%
P2O5 20%
K2O 20%
Fe 1200
Zn 900
Cu 300

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